ControlMaster is an ActiveX control which makes it possible to easily copy properties from one to another control in Visual Basic 6 or to save their properties to a file and later to reconstruct the control's properties from the file.  And all that with a single line of code.

Copying properties from one to another control with ControlMaster is as simple as

          Call ControlMaster1.CopyControl(SourceControl, DestinationControl)

The second important purpose of ControlMaster is so called "Control Persisting", which means writing the values of the control properties into some sort of a data stream which can be saved into a file or sent to the clipboard, from which the property values of the original control can be reconstructed later and set to some other control. With ControlMaster this is as simple as

persisting : CMStream=ControlMaster1.ControlToStream(SourceControl)
reconstruction: Call ControlMaster1.StreamToControl(CMStream, DestinationControl)
where CMStream is a byte array into which the data are written, so called "Stream".



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