ValidInputBox ActiveX Control is a replacement for the Visual Basic TextBox control that provides an easy and powerful validation of the data entered by users of your application. You don't have to write code that will allow entering only of a certain data type in a TextBox, or to check whether the input is within the range of allowed values. The ValidInputBox control will do it instead of you, allowing you faster, more reliable and more elegant coding.

You can order ValidInputBox control to accept only a certain data type (an Integer, a Single etc…), values within min/max range, constrain entering of only positive or negative numbers; allow or forbid numbers in scientific format, entering zero value or thousand separator; set a list of forbidden values or number of allowed decimals; allow only uppercase/lowercase, set allowed or forbidden characters etc.

You can order ValidInputBox control to automatically correct invalid input, replacing it with a given default value, returning the previous value, or entering the closest acceptable value, with or without notifying the user about the invalid input and performed correction. These error messages are automatic and can be as simple as "Invalid numeric entry" or "This field is required", or even more complex as "A number between 10 and 99 is required. Closest value inserted" or "A positive integer is required. Previous value returned".

All these features can be easily configured trough the Property Pages of the control. One of the tabs in the Property Pages dialog box is shown in the picture:




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